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Do you like to deal with one person on small projects? Dis-like sales hype and pressures? Good. Neither do I. This is a micro business and often there is ‘just’ myself. This works fine in most cases. Truly – one person can build great functional sites. I have built 20 such websites.

I am a techo with business sense, who listens and has excellent layout and WordPress skills. My skill set fits the design and building of attractive yet functional sites.  Not the high graphics arty type. If you need the artistic style I will call in that specialist. Also, if your needs are beyond me I will say so and may suggest other people.

In summary I have skill and experience in business analysis, web design, programming, and databases over many years. This enables me to gather your needs and make websites with a simple elegant layout that is also powerful with features.
You can work with me from start to finish with confidence.


Wonder if we will understand your needs?

Our real world interests include:

Science and technology, renewable energy, advocacy, spirituality, inventions, conservation, outdoor activities, cycling and canoeing, camping, nature, natural places and photography.

And with considerable experience working with small businesses, advocacy groups and not-for-profit organisations.


Major Technical Skills

CSS, HTML, dynamic HTML, jQuery, WordPress, Joomla, NationBuilder, MySQL and MS Access databases, PHP programming. And can read and tweak Javascript and several other computer languages. Photoshop for image enhancement. PHPRunner.
Essentially this list means I have a full range of skills to make, tweak and troubleshoot modern websites.

Course Units Completed

4 Units of Computer Science Degree (Murdoch Uni), 5 Units of Diploma of Information Technology (TAFE/Polytechnic West), Introduction to Visual Basic, Introduction to XML (UWA Extension), B. Science Degree (UWA).
Currently furthering my skills in CSS and jQuery by studying at W3Schools. And also studying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  with Rebecca Gill of web-savvy-marketing.com.

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Professional Associations

Gladly involved in the Perth WordPress Meetup group and the associated Google plus group.


The Longer About

Although I started in Forestry and Science I found I had a natural ability in computing and programming and organising data. I dived into that type of work. My interest lead me to do some studies. I completed half a degree in computing at Murdoch University (on top of my prior Science degree). I utilised this in much of my work roles of Database Administrator and Web Designer.

Then as a Business Analyst I developed my skills of listening to clients and finding elegant computing solutions to real world needs. The team that I lead won an award for one of the first inter-agency applications, or extranet, in the WA government.

Later I refreshed my programming skills at TAFE and also studied XML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets for good layout) via the Australian Open University online. I learnt how to set up websites using packages such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage (yuk!).

As the internet matured I learnt CMS (Content Management System) platforms like Joomla, so that sites could be edited by users and be expanded as required. I found the CMS platforms allowed one to create elegant and feature rich websites that had a great deal of flexibility. Importantly, these CMS platforms allow clients to edit parts of their own website. The helpful CMS communities are a great bonus to these platforms.

I utilised Photoshop and other packages to enhance, compress and crop photos – always a handy skill in website making.

About this time I mastered MySQL databases (a database type used by CMS’s). I then learnt NationBuilder then WordPress and found each to be applicable to different needs.

I have designed and built more than 20 websites, mostly for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. I lean toward neat looking sites with many supporting features.

Through all of this I continue to learn and enjoy building websites and addressing a client’s needs. And I find the reach and specificity of websites amazing.

So to summarise, I possess skill and experience in business analysis, web design, programming, and databases. This enables me to make websites with simple layout yet feature laden.

You can work with me from start to finish with confidence.



Brett Glossop
Owner/Designer of
ABN 37 742 165 477