Our Design Niche

Clean elegant sites that work is our niche and speciality here at Zolid. We like designing and building elegant websites for small and medium sized businesses and organisations. As a result they are usually open clean looking sites – a fair deal of space around each piece of content. We use little in the way of custom graphics. A few great images or photos and your logo is all we need.

We utilize tools that speed up the design process yet allow creative flair and customisation when required. Hence our sites are built faster and at less cost.

Woman with laptop

A strong base is also important. That base is a mix of hand selected plugins or add-ons that convert a useful WordPress site into one that is powerful with features. And is secure. The base may not be everything but will certainly get you off to a great start.

We are not a branding agency. We specialise in design and adding practical features.

Our clients tell us we listen and build what they ask.

The design and base of plugins allows you to get up fast. What’s more, your site can grow and be adaptable to new directions – if desired. If not, it will serve you well into the future with minimal maintenance.

We would be proud to build such a website for you. Do contact us.