WP Power Stats improved by us

We found the calendar Week and Month statistics difficult to interpret. So we changed that to Last 10 days and Last 30 days. And added Last 100 days. Note that for all of these you can compare each period by dividing visitors by days. Thus having a single number to compare (visitors per day). (In the example below it shows a fairly consistent 1.5 visitors per day for all periods.)

We also extended the graph out to 15 days to give more days and to allow you to adjust for weekly patterns.

Hope you find these changes useful and an improvement.

Brett G

(These changes are possible due to the open and sharing nature of WordPress add-ons. WP Power Stats add-on was adjusted.)


Icons for lists and heading pizazz

If the simple bulleted list (first one below) looks too plain add some icons. Several varieties are shown below.

If your page looks dominated by text add some icons to those headers too (see examples further below). Note they are larger.

Strictly speaking these are not graphics. They are characters of a new font. Hence they load fast; can be resized on the fly; and coloured up. Bargain!

  • trucks
  • cars
  • bicycles
  • Brake and clutch
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Gearbox
  • Onsite service and repairs
  • Component rebuilds
  • Engine
  • Transmissions
  • List icons
  • List icons
  • in lists
  • in lists


The Build Steps

1. decide the layout and
components together.

2. we build to this brief;
configure in detail;
and fill with content.

3. we both check
the site and revise
where required.

See this full list of Font Awesome Icons and this list of code characters for completeness. And more on the types of Font Awesome lists. Other references for coding R2; indent issues; simple explanation of lists;

Narrow business open hours table

Here is an extra brief, narrow opening hours table. We’ve kept the code simple so you can edit the contents yourself. It is narrow to fit into a side bar as shown. Not a developer? – then contact us for installation. We can adapt it to suit your needs and colours.

Call us  9am – 6pm
Monday green-tick-25H
Tuesday green-tick-25H
Wednesday green-tick-25H
Thursday green-tick-25H
Friday green-tick-25H
Other times available by arrangement.

Show your business open hours in a neat way.

Here is an example opening hours table. We’ve kept the code simple so you can edit the contents yourself. It is narrow to fit into a side bar as shown. Not a developer? – then contact us for installation. We can adapt it to suit your needs and colours.

Our café
is open
Friday green-tick-25H
Saturday green-tick-25H green-tick-25H
Sunday green-tick-25H green-tick-25H
Monday green-tick-25H
Public Holidays green-tick-25H
* Orders close at 3:30pm
We cater for Weddings and Functions.
And have a much loved children’s Menu.

Lorem Ipsum Sidebar Section

21 Cortans Rd, Bickley WA 6076
Tel: 01 93399339
Producer’s Licence: # 93399339
Licensee John and Sue Jones

A blackboard menu that looks so real.

Isn’t this a fabulous blackboard menu? It looks so real. And you can alter the text.
It’s easy for us to repeat – needs only a font, background image and a little bit of styling work.
Ask and we shall make it for you. Not including the squeaky, stand your hair on end, sounds 😉
(Here is an example menu page.) Built for Hainault.com.au


Too much coloured space? Try textures

With a small amount of content on a wide screen you are likely to overwhelm the viewer. This is due to large areas of solid coloured background. It can be solved…

Solution 1 – add a texture. These are images created to give a background some graininess or some small changes in the colour. The texture could be leather, paper, woven material, white noise, wallpaper patterns and many others.


Read moreToo much coloured space? Try textures

Can a WordPress website be compared to a car automobile? Yes

If your WordPress website was a car how would it behave and what would it cost? How different would the experience of buying and adding options be? Well quite a lot! The differences are big and have large implications.

For starters, you would buy your WordPress car for Free. Yes the standard version you get for free. And its not sloppy for it has been designed, built and tested by a community of programming enthusiasts and experts who volunteer their time. This standard model car will be white but has all the essentials and a bit more. It will get you to your destination quickly, comfortably and safely (that is, create and adjust post and pages of your site).

Standard Car
Standard Car (drawn by Bove)

The standard version does not come with extras you may have seen elsewhere but you are offered these with plugins and add-ons. These add the extra features, or functionality, to your site. For example if you want a car stereo search for those and install the one you like the sound of. The basic version will be free while the hi-fi ones sell for about $50. The suppliers provide a good description and reasonable support for these free add-ons. More support and features for the paid premium versions.

And why are these add-ons offered for free? Because they can. The free version is like a trial version which allows you to test drive their add-on. Once you have learnt and experienced its features you may well decide to upgrade and buy the premium version. This is where the commercial builder recoups its investment. The free version lets their product to become known to many WordPress users. That is the marketing advantage.

Car with extras
Car with plush extras

The material resources used to supply any of these ‘parts’ are very low. No metal, coal or petrol is required. Providing a download supply channel via the internet is cheap. So the free version does not cost much to supply. It does take time, sometime lots, for programmers to design and code the add-on. Hence the materials consumed to make the add-on is negligible. Unlike your real automobile car which has much metal and plastic to make, and petrol to transport.

Here are some automobile parts and their WordPress plugin equivalents.

Trims and coloured exterior = Themes
A car alarm = a security plugin
Turbo charge = a cache plugin
Odometer and log book = visitor statistics
Melodic horn = image slider?
Your son’s car = backups

Can you think of some equivalents?

Maintenance is quite different too. Unlike the costly repairs and maintenance of your car, your WordPress site gets updated for free. If the site is badly damaged (hacked or very old) you will probably need to pay someone to rectify.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learnt how different WordPress is to an automobile.

Now go drive your website safely!

Copyright 27 May 2016, Brett Glossop. All rights reserved. Contact brett@zolid.com.au