Extra Website Features

Some features we can add to websites:

  • Photo gallery with Lightbox
  • a donation button or donation page
  • An ecommerce site or shopping cart with payment gateway of your choice. (see this page for further detail)
  • a blog set up.
  • automatic feed of posts from your social media pages (facebook or twitter)
  • Favicon – a tab icon (a standard feature)
  • Display Responsiveness (Adapts to screen size) (a standard feature)
  • Admin facility to change the site yourself (a standard feature)
  • Contact Us form
  • Image slider/slideshow – usually on home page
  • More plugins than our Base set. These can provide a powerful new function for you. There is a huge range.
  • An opt-in to your emails (e.g. MailChimp or Awebber) These have a signup form on your site linking to them and your list. A pop-up form is often possible.
  • SEO – basic or more powerful.
  • Migration of data from another site or platform. We are experienced at moving pages, posts and images.
  • Visitor statistics – simpler or Google Analytics.
  • Video – via our colleagues.

Is there something else you would like? Please ask.