Icons for lists and heading pizazz

If the simple bulleted list (first one below) looks too plain add some icons. Several varieties are shown below.

If your page looks dominated by text add some icons to those headers too (see examples further below). Note they are larger.

Strictly speaking these are not graphics. They are characters of a new font. Hence they load fast; can be resized on the fly; and coloured up. Bargain!

  • trucks
  • cars
  • bicycles
  • Brake and clutch
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Gearbox
  • Onsite service and repairs
  • Component rebuilds
  • Engine
  • Transmissions
  • List icons
  • List icons
  • in lists
  • in lists


The Build Steps

1. decide the layout and
components together.

2. we build to this brief;
configure in detail;
and fill with content.

3. we both check
the site and revise
where required.

See this full list of Font Awesome Icons and this list of code characters for completeness. And more on the types of Font Awesome lists. Other references for coding R2; indent issues; simple explanation of lists;

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