Indicative Design Prices

Website complexity varies greatly but we believe an indication of how a price develops is important knowledge for you. Hence, below is the basics of how we form a quote. These are approximate prices for a site without significant complications or add-ons. This minimum price does, however, allow us to create a fully functioning, useful website. (We normally encounter only one complication per website. Sometimes none.)

  • Home page using our design theme                               $480
    Includes top security, auto updates, SEO Basic,
    quality backup facility, screen size responsive
    and one round of changes
  • Extra pages (text and one image). Each                         $ 90
  • Navigation menu                                                                $ 90

Yes, that simple.

So a four page site without complications would cost $810.
A single page site $480.

Only the best add-ons are used by us.

Extras that you may desire or require:

  • extra images or photos
  • add-ons (e.g. image slider or website stats)
  • email boxes setup and redirected
  • hosting start or change of host
  • clean up and restore after site being hacked
  • other ( Google Map, special design theme, or more.)

Do you have any questions? Or wish a quote? Please call us on 0423 326 337