Website Design & Build Packages

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Please find our fixed, quoted packages below.

Either way the packages give an idea of the value you get with Zolid. We work hard to make your WordPress designs elegant, useful and reliable.

The Small Design Package is ideal for when you have one thing to promote. And you know mainly what you want.
The Medium Design Package is ideal for more information or products and want some more functionality. And we give you more guidance and help on inclusions and design.

For the large or complicated site we supply a quote. So mix and match any of the features, for any number of pages and we shall quote. We advise and collaborate on these larger sites so the product is fabulous and what you need.

We suggest you match your website to where your business is currently. The site can be extended, recycled or replaced down the track.

New: A beautiful yet simple one page site under construction page. Adaptable to your needs.

Pages or sections (Note #1)  5  10 more than 10
Sections instead of pages (Note #2)  5  5
Colours one major colour
one accent colour
one major colour
one accent colour
(mix and match –
see note above)
Photos or graphics (Note #3) 5 10
Logo placed in header  Yes Yes
Documents loaded and linked  1 5
Favicon (Note #4) Yes Yes
Display Responsiveness (Note #5) Yes Yes
Admin facility to make site changes yourself (6) Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimisation Basic SEO (Note #7) Basic SEO (Note #7)
Formatting of text you supply (Note #8) Yes Yes
Photo gallery with Lightbox N Yes
extra plugin N Yes one
A donation button (if required) N Yes
A blog set up. N Yes
Contact Us form N Yes
Image slider/slideshow – if required N Yes
Use of 5 icons on a page N Yes
Example site View Small (which uses sections)  View Medium A  View STCWA
Price  $820 to $920  $1200 to $1400 by quote


  1. Pages with a single menu. Traditional example: Home, Product (or Service), FAQ, About, Contact Us.
  2. Sections are coloured horizontal parts. It works well for a long home page with a small amount of information. Shades of your major colour or shades of grey may be selected by us. See this on Zolid’s homepage.
  3. Photos or graphics are optimised and resized by us and supplied by you.
  4. Favicon is the small icon that shows in the tab of the web browser. You need this to identify your site.
  5. Display responsive means your site will elegantly rearrange itself for the size of screen.
  6. With a WordPress add-on (plugin) we install you will be able to edit your own pages. Both text and images. This is either easy or of fair ease depending on your computing skills. Our free training document (or short in-house training) will guide you on this.
  7. Includes page descriptions and keywords and sitemap (good for Google). This is sufficient for narrow targetted markets or specialised products.
  8. Text you supply is pasted and formatted by us appropriately so the pages are complete.
  9. Normally you will have assembled and supply us all the text
  10. The colours can be chosen by you for the Small; chosen in consultation for Medium
  11. Icons on a page (one large selection can be found here (

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Some Possible Extras

  • An ecommerce site or shopping cart with payment gateway of your choice.
  • A layout theme of your choice
  • Assistance with finding free photos
  • Photo gallery with Lightbox
  • More plugins. These can provide a powerful new function for you. There is a huge range.
  • An opt-in to your emails (e.g. MailChimp or Awebber) These have a signup form on your site linking to them and your list. A pop-up form is often possible.
  • More powerful SEO.
  • Migration of data from another site or platform. We are experienced at moving pages, posts and images.
  • Multiple payment options (button, page, $ choices)
  • resize of logo upon scroll down
  • fancier section edges
  • Google analytics for visitor tracking.
  • Content or text writing.
  • Is there something else you would like? Please ask.

Beyond the Package
Packages are great – when they fit. For those times when you need extras we do small parts at one simple rate or larger parts by quote. Our standard hourly rate is $45/hr for every aspect except training. Our training document is free while training given in person is $65/hr.

For the large or complicated site we supply a quote. So mix and match any of the above, for any number of pages and we shall quote. We advise and collaborate on these larger sites so the product is fabulous and what you need.


Our Standard Payment Terms

½ upon displaying the draft we built from your brief
and ½ upon site being released to public (invoice to be paid within 2 weeks)