Prices for some short services

These tasks are completed quickly and add great value to your site.

  • Coming Soon page. A great way to get started. A single page like one of Zolid’s examples (One, or Two). With one round of changes and two or less photos or graphics.  $90
  • Speed Up WP Service. Greatly improve your site speed. Includes evaluation of suitability, install, settings, test and report of time results. If no significant time improvements there will be no charge and the plugin uninstalled. More can be found on our “Speed Up WordPress Service” page and in a post called “Do you want to make your WordPress website faster?”  from $60
  • Add a facility to blog. A blog allows people to remain interested in your site.  from $45
  • An extra page. Including one round of revisions. A half length A4 page with less than 5 images is $110
  • Image slider. A slider with 8 images or photos (with hi res supplied by you) Like the one on au/ or we can choose another (there is a huge range). $135 or $155 for unlabelled or labelled images, respectively.