What do we mean by a simple layout?

And why did we choose it?

We chose visually simple layouts because they are appealing and do not distract from the messages. This often means a layout with few colours and plenty of space around the content. This allows rapid reading and skim reading. The visitor dives into the site rather than being overwhelmed by a wall of detail. (You can find examples of this style in our portfolio.)


Does Simple mean basic? No, definitely not. All sites are based on powerful features for menus, multiple page layouts, smooth resizing and adaptability. These are core parts of WordPress. As a Zolid site is closer to the core parts and principles of WordPress the potential to extend or adapt your site remains huge. Do you want to add an extra menu item or feature? Not a problem because the site is layout adaptable. (These changes can be made by you if you wish to learn, or just leave it to us.) You will not be locked into a defined layout which often comes with custom graphics. We suggest you stay flexible. Oh and save some money.

We also chose this style because it fits our skill set. Brett, the owner and designer of Zolid, has all the skills in tune with adapting templates and adding powerful functions rather than custom graphics. The powerful features that can be added include contact us forms, event calendars, opt-in email forms, image sliders and many more (see our Extra features page for some of these).

So if you want your messages to take centre stage and your site to be adaptable then you’re in the right company.

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