Speed Up WordPress Service $60

Running ZebraPeople just don’t like slow websites. The reaction varies from person to person though it is best to capture their attention while you can. Four or five seconds is all you have, according to marketing experts. Even if they do not abandon your site the viewer’s experience is lessened. Does your site regularly deliver that first page within 3-5 seconds?

Improve your site speed to:

  • minimise viewers abandoning the site
  • improve the viewer experience
  • and improve your Google ranking (a natural consequence of a faster site)

Dang! If you don’t want to read the rest and just get it order now.

Who needs this service?

If you site takes over 5 seconds to load on average – your site is slow. Any site that has several plugins or a third party theme becomes bulky and is likely to gain a speed jump with our service.

“WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve performance.” – WordPress.org Codex

What do we do?

We work in priority order for effectiveness. The first is usually to install a recognised plugin that produces a cache. These work wonderfully. We setup and test this well. Often with this done the first page is displayed to the viewer in half the time. So, if your website takes 6 secs on average to load now, our work will lower this to about 3 secs. If there is no significant time improvement (33% or more) on the home page I do not invoice (i.e. no charge). And the plugin uninstalled. The techniques are all legitimate and recognised – by the WordPress community and developers.

We are experienced in three plugins (W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, and WP Super Cache) and shall select the one that works best with your host and needs. We will NOT alter any content or other plugin on your site. It will look and provide the same functionality as before, though faster. We make a backup of your site before and after the install. (If you do not have a backup plugin we install BackWPuP so we can do this. You choose whether to keep this). No, we won’t do the work without a backup. We prefer to be safe.

(Extra optimisations are also available just ask )

How do these plugins work?

They create a copy of your pages. These copies are static, that is, they do NOT need to refer to all the settings, content nor menu items in the database. So there is ‘no reading and thinking’ by the hosting system, just respond and deliver. So much quicker. Cache pages are made on the host (hosting provider server computer). Also a type of cache happens at the viewer’s computer. The web browser of the viewer (your client) such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, is told to hold the pages for a certain period of time. Hence there is no need to ask the host to send the details a second time. This dramatically reduces the time to display pages they have already visited.

But really?

Yes I’ve talked a lot but the proof is in the results. We supply a report of what times we measured. You can also test before and after with a tool like WebPageTest. Alternatively you can test by opening pages in your browser. Just make sure you are logged out first i.e. no black admin bar on top of the page (see below). (Otherwise the slow default way is run.)
And there is our refund or no charge, if you do not experience an average improvement of 33%.

WordPress logged in black bar
WordPress black bar shows if you are logged in.

Any downside?

Some extra space on the hard drive is taken up with the cache but this is deleted regularly.
You will need to tell us how often you want new content displayed after an edit (one hour is often used). We assess this and suggest changes if required. If you wish to have the cache cleared immediately as a page or post is published then please say so and we will install that plugin first.
We need to be an admin user to install and set up the plugin. Make an admin user just for us, and then you can delete us afterwards. Or if you do not know how to make a new user advise us of your admin login and change its password after completion.

Can we work with your normal webmaster?

Yes, you retain your normal webmaster or other person maintaining the website. You simply need to notify them that we installed a cache plugin and it needs to be kept activated.


A second opinion on the need can be found at SitePoint.

Optimising your WordPress for speed can be fun for geeks but can take a deal of learning and multiple attempts. Alternatively, grab our Speed Up WordPress Service by contacting us on 0423 326 337.