(What we do and what we enjoy)

Primary Service:

  • viewing websitesWebsite design and builds in WordPress and NationBuilder platforms. We specialise in sites that are simple and attractive yet effective.
  • Transfer of websites from other platforms (Joomla and NationBuilder). Including the transfer of data (migration of pages, posts and lists).

Sites are built which are

  • attractive and easily read
  • clean open simple sites that promote the messages
  • can be edited by you (text is easy to alter with all the above platforms)
  • sized to suit all screen sizes including smart phones (called a responsive layout)
  • features can be added as you need (starting on our free base)
  • search engine optimised without interfering with good design and natural language
  • secure from most forms of hacking
  • back up facility which you can administer for regular or ad hoc backups (or let us)
  • see our portfolio or our priced design packages

Additional services of interest:

  • Fix a hacked site and then make it secure
  • Add a display of social media posts or tweets to your WordPress or NationBuilder site.
  • Training sessions in person or via selected online materials (the latter is free)
  • Guide you if you have little idea how a website is built – from the perspective of you the business owner teaming with a designer. Steps, choices, responsibilities, technology basics, and possible features to add or ignore.
  • Create a website which uses a custom database and is data centric.
  • online shop (e-commerce)
  • Copy writing (by us partnering with an expert)
  • Custom and unique graphics or layout (by us partnering with an expert)
  • Videos (by us partnering with an expert)

Additional specific page features or functions list.

We have crafted more than 20 websites successfully, mostly for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Creating a great site is about translation, compromise and communication. With a touch of creativity.

Have a site in mind? … Let’s Start a Conversation

If you have a logo and a plan we can get your website online quickly.

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