Site Upgrade or Facelift

Does your website look tired? Or need rearranging to stay relevant? It does not display on mobile phones well? Or it now needs an extra function? If any of these apply please read on because I can help.

Woman with laptopAn upgrade will tackle either the look, content or functions of the site. Let’s look at each in turn.

If you are tired of your current website perhaps your clients are too. The good news is, your site will only need a facelift if most of the content and menu is still relevant. This can be made for less than a new site because we can concentrate on looks rather than content. We begin by rapidly assessing your current site and listening to your needs. We then show examples of new looks (themes) to guide you. After approval we can start drafting the new look. This draft site is located away from your current site so it won’t effect your current website or business.

Alternatively, if your site needs content rearrangement we can rapidly assess and advise how large a job this is.

Is your site not mobile friendly? That is, tables and images displaying too wide and the menu impossible to use? Then you will need conversion to a new theme. This takes much less time than a new site yet will look like a new site!

Need more functions? To round out your WordPress site, you may now need a map, blog, newsletter signup, image slider or a display of recent facebook comments? (a longer list of features is found here). Well this can be done quickly by selecting and installing a plugin. I suggest one or two from my experience and then install and test. You will have your function working within a short time.

If you are not sure what is needed just call us to discuss 0423 326 337.